the path of loving yourself most fiercely begins with exploring your mystery.

I focus on the embodiment of the goddess: bringing women to the brink of their beliefs about themselves, so they can lovingly leap over the edge into the wild unknown. Healing begins in the places we least want to look, and it is my purpose to embrace other fierce, driven, creative women as they open to their untapped power. 

We must not be afraid, the world needs us to be bright. Your power is a contribution to everyone you meet. You are important.

I encourage all women to be warriors for their authentic desires, to create lives that support the way that they want to feel, and to take a long, hard look at the limitations that have been created by years of conditioning. There is a direct relationship between opening to inner power and unraveling an adventure beyond your most star-soaked dreams.

Everything you desire serves a purpose. There is no purpose for guilt, shame, or fear in desiring a larger life. You deserve to thrive.

When we become disconnected in any one area, every aspect of our lives suffer. When we lose touch with our bodies, we diminish our confidence. When we forget how powerful we are, we lose our passion for life, our ability to inspire. I exist to lovingly remind you that the world is much larger than the stories we create, that your prowess is to be celebrated and expanded, and that women are most powerful when they own both their darkness and their light. 

No matter your story, you are enough, exactly as you are. You are ready. It is time. 

My focus is on emotional alchemy: transforming what is old, heavy, and expired to explode forward with the new. 

there has been no better time to let go of playing small. 

To begin, please schedule a complimentary 30 minute session with me.

My monthly one-to-one coaching availability is limited, so if you're thinking about it, let's connect!